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Miniaturgolf - Minigolf (normalized by WMF)

obr1We offer 26 modifications of courses. It´s up to you what kind of course and how many of them you´ll chose (standard 18). Our services include consultation during selection, making the documentation and the price offer of the golf link. The courses are made of profilled steel and they´re facelifted by hot zinc or nonrusty paint. Boards made of concrete are fastenned by special rests on a frame made of steel (with an admixture of glass fibres wich are surly without asbestos), obstacles are made of steel and laminated plastic. Courses have bench equipments to make the balancing easier. The course´s lenght is 6,25 m and the width 0,9m. The diameter of the target circle is 1,4m. The courses are put down on cubes made of concrete into the ground, this ground can be grassy, ground of gravel, paved… etc. To build a miniaturgolf link (18 courses) we need an area of 600 – 1500 m2.

Miniaturgolf course

Hole Dimensions: Length = 6,25m, Width = 1,4m, Diameter of the target circle 1,4m

[1] Pyramids    
[2] Ski-Jump With Net (2 types)

[3] Circular Plateau
[4] Tunnel
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #3

[5] Straight Run With Target Window
[6] Straight Run Without Obstacles

[7] Waves
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #2
[8] Right Angle
[9] Bridge  
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #7
[10] Middle Circle
  Minigolf, miniaturgolf #3

[11] Truncated Cones
[12] Volcano

[13] Flash Of Lightning
[14] Flash Of Lightning
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #6

[15] Steep Incline Without Obstacle
[16] Straight Run With Staggered Obstacles

[17] Labyrinth
[18] Side Window

[19] Flat Loop
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #1
[20] Sloped Circle Without Obstacle

[21] Sloped Circle With Obstacle
Minigolf, miniaturgolf #3
[22] Favorite Killer
  Minigolf, miniaturgolf #8

[23] Somersault
[24] Double Wedges

[25] Steep Incline With Obstacle
[26] Sloped Circle With 'V' Obstacle

  The delivery time is up on the agreement with the customer. We grant 2 years of guarantee for the delivered link.


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